Some of My Thoughts on “Pension Reform”

OK, my bad, Yes.  I don’t like and seldom email or post on the political stuff.  I promise to resist for a long time, but I had to go there this one time.

I AM A PUBLIC EMPLOYEE.  I am not the enemy.  I am a cop, a firefighter, a teacher, a nurse, a social worker.  I keep you healthy and safe.  I educate your children.  I help those among us who need it most.  I did not cause the economic problems we have today.  I did not crash the economy with “credit default swaps” and “unregulated derivatives”.  I did not accept bailout money and then give myself a multi-million dollar bonus.  I get up in the morning and go to work.  I live within my means and pay my bills.  I AM NOT THE ENEMY!

To Wit:

Thanks to Keith M., my longtime friend, for the forward, and his life-long professional efforts. Thanks to my many dispatch, firefighting, nursing, police, and other friends who labored in a dangerous and thankless job for 20-30 years, kept around by wages that slowly got better, but remain far below those of friends and neighbors selling computer widgets around the world who can walk across the street and barter for more money as they please.  Thanks to my son, Richard, too, and all that labor in the ever under-appreciated and picked apart career of teaching.  Nice retirements we got in public safety work – yes, but fiscally mismanaged over and over of late by our bean counters, then further impacted by the worst economy in decades that has brought SO many things down – retirement funds not the least of them.  But, necessary retirement packages to keep us doing the crap we did for so long–with no bonuses for our great work, no limo rides to the airport to go on deductible seminars and meetings at fine restaurants, and no stock options offered for our endeavors or any of the lives we saved or powerfully impacted.  In all these serve-the-public jobs:  Kids & patients spit on us, fires seared us, criminals assaulted or shot at us, and media tried to hang us for every little slip that overlooked the 1000+ other times we performed perfectly. God Bless the public employees who serve you!

Oh yeah, one more great quote from a friend and former SJPD officer, unhappily retired out from injury on the job:   Regarding police and rescuers in the Colorado Movie Theatre Shooting in July, 2012:  “70 people shot. When everyone else was running OUT, these folks were running IN.  So my question to you is: How do you think that will affect them for the rest of their lives – their health, their families, their fortitude to persevere in their jobs?  AND, …SO HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK THEIR PENSION SHOULD BE??”

(I don’t remember the last time anybody told me about the plumber at $85 an hour, the car mechanic at $125 and hour, the software analyst making $150k a year, or the many others complaining suddenly, when they last put their life on the line, rushed into a burning building to make a sale, helped keep a kid in school and steered him away from drugs, or attended to a dying client every day for a month or three to help close a deal or seal a contract)

Is life, the economy, and the MULTIPLE ways and people who got us here lousy and unfair?  You bet, but where should we really be focusing our strongest efforts to fix this mess?  I for one of many would argue that one of the last efforts should be scapegoating a selective group of special professionals that go above and beyond for the safety and betterment of all of our lives….

Cut and paste the address below to your web address line to see how all of this has impacted the police profession in San Jose, CA, the personal lives of the officers, and the safety of the nation’s 10th largest city.  Cut their wages, double their retirement deductions, increase the cost of all benefits, stifle any option for keeping up with inflation, and then convince them to stay around how?!?


‘Till Next Time….



Rowan Hovey Arrives!

Seems surreal, a grandson born on June 2nd, 2012. He was due on the 23rd of May, but found it fun to keep us waiting!  9 lbs. 13 oz.!! — don’t mess with him when he gets older!  Already a handsome lad, no doubt pondering his first iPad, or some such future invention and wondering when he’ll be old enough to go with Mom and Dad on a campout in the woods or on the beach.

I’ll be 60 in October.  I welcomed my son into the world at 23 and thought then I’d be a grandfather by 45 or so. After all these years of my son and his wife working for their degrees, establishing their careers, and then struggling to get pregnant for years, the Lord blessed them at the 11th hour.  At 37 years old, they’re finally parents.  There are not two more deserving people to love and bring up a child.  I’m still somewhat in disbelief and lost for words. To say that I’m so happy for them, while mightily true, seems inadequate.  What’s the phrase that expresses that twofold?  Tenfold?

I told them as soon as the baby can hold is head up, I’m taking him to a Giants game!

This is such a thrill and blessing.  Again, words are failing me, so ’nuff said for now.


the papaROYzzi


On Travel

Travel? Why, No — but Yes!

I’m not big on travel. I’m claustrophobic and impatient. I grew up in a great New England town and area where people came to vacation – a lake at each end of town, historical sites all around the county and general area, the Boston Pops playing in nearby Tanglewood, and much more. Also, as a child of the 50’s and early 60’s, people didn’t travel much except to see relatives. Some eventually travelled big time in the form of retiring to Florida or the like to escape the winters.

Then I moved to the South San Francisco Bay area at age 12 where I’ve spent all of my adult life. With so many wonderful places and things in this area, it once again became easy to be a relative home body. I don’t begrudge those who like to travel more, as most do, and wish they would leave me alone as to how I like to live my life.

Local travel is a whole different story. San Francisco, Monterey Bay, Napa Valley Wine Country, Aptos/Santa Cruz/Capitola Village, Half Moon Bay — all within a 90 minute drive from my house. Then there’s all the State, County, and local parks – Big Sur, Big Basic, Muir Woods, Mt. Madonna, Portola/Butano, and many, many more.
Not to mention longer jaunts but no more than a day’s drive, such as Las Vegas, Shakespeare in America’s premier venue-Ashland Oregon, Giants Spring Training Baseball in Arizona, Los Angeles/SanDiego & the SoCal Scene, Sacramento Valley on up to the Gold Country, Lake Tahoe/Yosemite/King’s Canyon and other jewels in the Sierras. And much more…

It’s easy to become complacent in the comfortable town I live in. Nice restaurants, wine bars,, smoke shop, parks, and more. And, within the last decade, Morgan Hill has installed a new:
Community Center, Recreation Center, Aquatic Center,Soccer Complex,
Library, Dog Park, Skate Park, and more….

Nevertheless, and all the global traveling opportunities aside, I wonder why I don’t enjoy the aforementioned local list of destinations much more. You could go to a different place in Golden Gate Park (SF) every day for a week or more. You could hike the trails in these beautiful, large California parks for weeks & never be on the same trail. You could go to a different restaurant –good ones– every night for a year with all the choices in the Bay Area. The quaint towns, parks, strolls, photo opportunities, dinning options, views, scenery in all of these communities–and the Backroads of the Bay Area–are simply endless.

So yeah, I don’t fly, don’t like long travel, but certainly love short-term travel and where I live. I MUST commit to enjoying more of the wonderful places I can go for an afternoon, evening, overnighter, or weekend. Next time you’re in my neighborhood, remind me of this and we’ll swing by the reservoir that’s 5.5 minutes from my house, drive over the hill to the coast, or maybe hit Los Altos, Palo Alto, or Mill Valley for a nice dinner. I just love California, the Bay Area, and The West!

the papaROYzzi

Roy Hovey’s Web Link Collective

Post #1 — of another new web adventure for Roy Hovey (March, 2012, Updated though in September, 2015)

How does an old guy like me get so wrapped up in technology?  I guess I’ve always loved the stuff.  We all continue to become more sophisticated as time goes by, so I expect you’ll hang with me as I tell you the links to my SIX essential websites/photo sites/blogs, just for clarification.

WordPress: Writing Blog  My irregular observations, accounts, and thoughts on life, activity, experiences, and more:  politics, travel, movies & books, great restaurants, Jazz, and more…(This site)  My blog about the great old game of baseball, including posts about baseball history, the Giants, and other related matters, along with photo galleries.  My extensive site for posting photos:  NOW ALSO FOUND at  Years old, big and bloated, largely out there for me to catalogue favorite photos in the cloud for myself, by theme.  Good to peruse if you’re stuck on a long airplane flight.  Otherwise, check out the newer, better site below.  My select, best artistic photography renderings; comments welcome here, and encouraged!  My Flicker site – select photos from photo club outings/events, and also several by theme.  My old site for posting photos of my activity with friends.

Facebook:  I joined up again just to assist my local cigar shop with their page, along with following the page for my street/block and its activity, and to look in on my kids’ pages.  I don’t otherwise intend to follow many friends or build a large following, so don’t ping me.

Sheesh!  I hope this helps and doesn’t deter you from checking in from time to time – somewhere.  Questions?  Let me know.  And yes, I no longer do much (never did) with my Twitter site except follow my teacher son’s posts, and no longer edit or publish the business web sites for Fresco Solar or Morgan Hill Cigar.  I do keep up a web sites or two for family, but those are somewhat private and not of much interest to anyone but family anyway.  Nevertheless, stay in touch, one way or another.  A good old fashion eMail or phone call is always welcome.

Cheers to All…

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