The Multi Talents of the Talented


It’s no secret that talented people are often multi-talented, including in the film and music industry.  For example, we know that a multitude of actors, if not most, in the old days also could sing and dance too.  But also, there have been – and still are – folks with other talents, such as:  Tony Bennet & Johnny Depp, fine artistic painters; Woody Allen and Clint Eastwood, both composers of music and Jazz musicians – clarinet and piano, respectively.  Yes, I know, there are many, many examples of all this kind of thing among actors.  My favorite dual talent is Sam Shepard, a pretty good actor and an award-winning playwright.

To wit, I share two links here to photo pages by academy award winning actor Jeff Bridges, who is also a skilled photographer (and yes, also a musician).   Check out all the great shots he took and tweaked of many famous folks over the years, and then check out his photo web site.  Fun stuff…

1) Great 11 minute or so photo slide show by Bridges on YouTube:

2) Jeff Bridges Photo Web Site: