I’m a Democrat – but not a Liberal

I’m a Democrat, but I’m not a liberal.  As a Christian, I don’t like abortion, but like President Obama – who doesn’t personally like it either – I don’t believe it should be adjudicated in Government (hello, party of “less government”?).  I don’t like to see the terms Communism or Socialism thrown around carelessly, as we typically see in the over-generalized opinions from both parties when speaking of the other.  Then again, I believe in effective government management of programs.  I’m ok when it’s better at the State or local levels, but I like many of the national programs we have, though they can always get better.  Ever heard of the US Postal Service?  The US Park Service?  Social Security?  The FBI?  The IRS?  Yes, as I said, these agencies aren’t perfect and we don’t always love them or what they do, but governing from the Nation’s Capital has worked well in a variety of ways for a long, long time.

I voted Republican a couple of times.  I’m ultimately for the guy (or gal – get ready, that’s coming one day too) who stands closest for what I’m for.  Right now, the “party of NO” as it’s known as is not in my favor.  It’s the party that calls itself “pro-life,” but that starts shameful wars like in Iraq, sending thousands of our young men and women to their deaths to settle an old score.  The party that opposes health care for the poor, and saving the lives of our beautiful resources in opposing/blocking environmental conservation in favor of big business.  The party that opposes stem cell medicine all together, though I get the opposition to excluding embryo stem cells.

Furthermore, I’ve never seen such behavior as displayed in the last several years by a party, in all my days.  Their sore-loser, our-way-or-the-highway mindset, refusing to believe they could lose – or not win every time – is amazing and appalling.  Much of the Republican agenda since Obama first took office has been, first and foremost over the needs of the country, to simply block and stifle everything he’s tried to do.  It borders on treason, in my mind.  I think even Ronald Reagan is turning over in his grave as to how his party has labored recently.

You don’t have to like “Obama Care”, nor anything else he’s done – that’s your choice (oh by the way, the program was largely based on the Republican’s original program, but then when HE dared to try and bring it in, they fought it tooth and nail, and forced him to compromise it beyond what he preferred).  Like any new program though, it needed to get through the door, and can now be tweaked and bettered over the years.  My highly conservative, Republican taxman said in 2008 that the financial mess (uh, caused in the Bush era) would take 10 years to recover from.  In a mere term/4 years, Mr. Obama already has the economy on the upswing (slow, gradual, but in the right direction).  Jobs, housing prices, bank health – all looking much better now.  Foreign relations have been largely repaired from the alienating Bush days.  Immigration reform is on the horizon, that new health care program is unfolding (yes, it will be painful for a while as we adjust), and much more.  Nothing, and nobody, is perfect.  But as Jeb Bartlett said in “West Wing,” I’m not the President of the people who like me.  I’m the President of the United States.”

Roy Hovey