Rowan Hovey Arrives!

Seems surreal, a grandson born on June 2nd, 2012. He was due on the 23rd of May, but found it fun to keep us waiting!  9 lbs. 13 oz.!! — don’t mess with him when he gets older!  Already a handsome lad, no doubt pondering his first iPad, or some such future invention and wondering when he’ll be old enough to go with Mom and Dad on a campout in the woods or on the beach.

I’ll be 60 in October.  I welcomed my son into the world at 23 and thought then I’d be a grandfather by 45 or so. After all these years of my son and his wife working for their degrees, establishing their careers, and then struggling to get pregnant for years, the Lord blessed them at the 11th hour.  At 37 years old, they’re finally parents.  There are not two more deserving people to love and bring up a child.  I’m still somewhat in disbelief and lost for words. To say that I’m so happy for them, while mightily true, seems inadequate.  What’s the phrase that expresses that twofold?  Tenfold?

I told them as soon as the baby can hold is head up, I’m taking him to a Giants game!

This is such a thrill and blessing.  Again, words are failing me, so ’nuff said for now.


the papaROYzzi