On Travel

Travel? Why, No — but Yes!

I’m not big on travel. I’m claustrophobic and impatient. I grew up in a great New England town and area where people came to vacation – a lake at each end of town, historical sites all around the county and general area, the Boston Pops playing in nearby Tanglewood, and much more. Also, as a child of the 50’s and early 60’s, people didn’t travel much except to see relatives. Some eventually travelled big time in the form of retiring to Florida or the like to escape the winters.

Then I moved to the South San Francisco Bay area at age 12 where I’ve spent all of my adult life. With so many wonderful places and things in this area, it once again became easy to be a relative home body. I don’t begrudge those who like to travel more, as most do, and wish they would leave me alone as to how I like to live my life.

Local travel is a whole different story. San Francisco, Monterey Bay, Napa Valley Wine Country, Aptos/Santa Cruz/Capitola Village, Half Moon Bay — all within a 90 minute drive from my house. Then there’s all the State, County, and local parks – Big Sur, Big Basic, Muir Woods, Mt. Madonna, Portola/Butano, and many, many more.
Not to mention longer jaunts but no more than a day’s drive, such as Las Vegas, Shakespeare in America’s premier venue-Ashland Oregon, Giants Spring Training Baseball in Arizona, Los Angeles/SanDiego & the SoCal Scene, Sacramento Valley on up to the Gold Country, Lake Tahoe/Yosemite/King’s Canyon and other jewels in the Sierras. And much more…

It’s easy to become complacent in the comfortable town I live in. Nice restaurants, wine bars,, smoke shop, parks, and more. And, within the last decade, Morgan Hill has installed a new:
Community Center, Recreation Center, Aquatic Center,Soccer Complex,
Library, Dog Park, Skate Park, and more….

Nevertheless, and all the global traveling opportunities aside, I wonder why I don’t enjoy the aforementioned local list of destinations much more. You could go to a different place in Golden Gate Park (SF) every day for a week or more. You could hike the trails in these beautiful, large California parks for weeks & never be on the same trail. You could go to a different restaurant –good ones– every night for a year with all the choices in the Bay Area. The quaint towns, parks, strolls, photo opportunities, dinning options, views, scenery in all of these communities–and the Backroads of the Bay Area–are simply endless.

So yeah, I don’t fly, don’t like long travel, but certainly love short-term travel and where I live. I MUST commit to enjoying more of the wonderful places I can go for an afternoon, evening, overnighter, or weekend. Next time you’re in my neighborhood, remind me of this and we’ll swing by the reservoir that’s 5.5 minutes from my house, drive over the hill to the coast, or maybe hit Los Altos, Palo Alto, or Mill Valley for a nice dinner. I just love California, the Bay Area, and The West!

the papaROYzzi