Roy Hovey’s Web Link Collective

Post #1 — of another new web adventure for Roy Hovey (March, 2012, Updated though in September, 2015)

How does an old guy like me get so wrapped up in technology?  I guess I’ve always loved the stuff.  We all continue to become more sophisticated as time goes by, so I expect you’ll hang with me as I tell you the links to my SIX essential websites/photo sites/blogs, just for clarification.

WordPress: Writing Blog  My irregular observations, accounts, and thoughts on life, activity, experiences, and more:  politics, travel, movies & books, great restaurants, Jazz, and more…(This site)  My blog about the great old game of baseball, including posts about baseball history, the Giants, and other related matters, along with photo galleries.  My extensive site for posting photos:  NOW ALSO FOUND at  Years old, big and bloated, largely out there for me to catalogue favorite photos in the cloud for myself, by theme.  Good to peruse if you’re stuck on a long airplane flight.  Otherwise, check out the newer, better site below.  My select, best artistic photography renderings; comments welcome here, and encouraged!  My Flicker site – select photos from photo club outings/events, and also several by theme.  My old site for posting photos of my activity with friends.

Facebook:  I joined up again just to assist my local cigar shop with their page, along with following the page for my street/block and its activity, and to look in on my kids’ pages.  I don’t otherwise intend to follow many friends or build a large following, so don’t ping me.

Sheesh!  I hope this helps and doesn’t deter you from checking in from time to time – somewhere.  Questions?  Let me know.  And yes, I no longer do much (never did) with my Twitter site except follow my teacher son’s posts, and no longer edit or publish the business web sites for Fresco Solar or Morgan Hill Cigar.  I do keep up a web sites or two for family, but those are somewhat private and not of much interest to anyone but family anyway.  Nevertheless, stay in touch, one way or another.  A good old fashion eMail or phone call is always welcome.

Cheers to All…

Roy/papaRoyzzi/Dad/Unc/Ump/and other titles… or